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Lexi Mac Gillivray

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[10 Sep 2004|10:50pm]
Some of you haven't added me!


EVERY ONE OF YOU. I want every one of you.
Give me your heart and your soul

[28 Aug 2004|11:56am]

It's not friend's only.

It's gonnah be spiffed up soon as teh lovely Cinds so kindly got me a paid LJ. ^^!
Give me your heart and your soul

[16 Aug 2004|10:20pm]
I have right here, something that will make all my Muse fan friends jealous.

As you know, my brother's girlfriend had two of Matt's picks. Little did I know she also had one of Chris'. Well, who needs two of Matt's picks? In their generousity, they went out and got a frame and framed one of the picks. Then they gave one to me. And it's right here, framed, with Muse on it.

.. Yes I have touched it.

.. .. ..


Yes.. I have licked it.

Want to see it? X3

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Friends Only [15 Aug 2004|08:40pm]

Post a comment to be added.

// August 15- Friends Cut.
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Muse [10 Aug 2004|03:37pm]
Okay. Here's the full recount that I promised many people. First my brother told me we were leaving at 2:45 because he had to go pick up his friend Tom. So we got in the car and drove to Shopper's Drug Mart because Kim was picking up a camera. She didn't know if we'd be allowed Cameras, so Chad easily told her that if not he'd tell security he was going to put it back in the car then shove it in his pants. Then he said he had no trouble shoving it in his pants, really! Then we went on a bit of a ride, had to stop again because Kim had to go to the bathroom. Then we picked up Tom, who shook my hand, and then he went on explaining how he had gotten drunk a lot in the passed couple of weeks. He's really funny. When we were on the highway some lady got pissed off because Chad went passed her and started tail-gating him, so Tom full-out pulled down his pants and boxers and mooned her. On our way there, again, once we hit downtown Toronto one homeless man had something in his hand and was walking towards our Car and Chad screamed, "WE DON'T WANT ANY!" and rolled his window up. Then some Squidgy guy did the front window and Chad rolled his window down again and said, "Dude, I have no change, sorry!" When we got to the M.A Chad was the one that spotted Danielle (and he's never seen her before O.o;) and so I hopped out of the car while he went to park it. When we all met up again, introductions were made and then we went in. The first band was Head Automatica, playing on stage two, who were okay. Then we went and found a spot on the lawns at the main stage and Mogwai played who were amazing. Chad told me he was there too see them. There we met more friends; Ben, his girlfriend Sid, Tara (Kim's best friend) and her boyfriend Mark. After that, Cooper Temple Clause was playing at stage two but we never went to see them, instead Danielle and I wandered around a bit. We went back to the main stage and saw The Rapture who respectfully sucked. During The Rapture Chad et al left us and Danielle and I couldn't find them again, which actually pissed me off for a bit. Auf Der Maur was playing and Danielle and I glimpsed them as we bought Muse Tshirts but weren't really interested. Then we completely missed Interpol because I insisted we go to the Muse stage to get a good spot, but there was already a crowd there. I stood behind it brooding for a bit before some very tall woman stood in front of me and I couldn't take it anymore. I pushed passed everyone until I got up to the front. There I stood alone because Danielle stayed behind. I was getting so nervous at this point, because I couldn't believe Matthew, Chris and Dom would be standing RIGHT THERE moments from now. When they came on stage I screamed myself hoarse. Now, this was the most amazing, most brilliant thing I've ever seen. Damn, this is like my Patronus thought times a thousand. I can't even describe it, honestly, I already liked Muse a lot, now I really, really like them. I'd go kick Tolkien in the shins (and anyone who actually knows me would know I'd NEVER say that without reason) for Muse, or burn all my Harry Potter books, though I don't see why they'd make me do that. Anyway, Matt had such a presence it was bloody brilliant. The most beautiful thing I've ever seen, I decided, was during Butterflies and Hurricanes, when he took his guitar off and went and played the keyboard, and all the smoke was around him, and all the lights filtering down on him, and he had this look of intense concentration on his face, slamming down on this keyboard, it was just the most beautiful thing I've ever seen in pictures or in real life. And when he was singing, he had such EMOTION I nearly died from too much right there. And he would throw his fist in the air while singing, and he played the guitar over his head, and he was playing on his knees, and (this is so hard for me to right because my eyes keep welling up with tears XD) and the way he stepped away from the microphone and played when we wasn't singing, slightly leaning back. And it wasn't just Matt. Chris was there, he never looked up all the times I looked at him, he was always staring down at the floor, with the highest look of concentration like Matt, rolling his head on his shoulders, tongue poking out of his mouth, playing like this was the most important thing in the world to him. And Dom, who I didn't get to look at so much, was in the back, his face beat red, mouth open, beating the drums. It was amazing. And the light show was fantastic. I stood there for the whole halfhour jumping up and down and screaming out the lyrics as loud as I could, kind of scornfully unimpressed when the people around me weren't singing along to Newborn (which is on Origin of Symmetry) as they only sang to the Absolution stuff. By the end of it all, my throat hurt like hell but I couldn't care less because it was the most blissful pain I've ever had to go through. And I remember feeling so sad when Matt and Dom and Chris discreetly walked off the stage after their last song as the smoke got thicker, and when it cleared away they were gone. Damn Kim got Matt's pick again, that's the second pick she's got of his. I wanted it so badly. SO badly. At least to touch it. At the end of Muse, everything else seemed so unimportant, we went, I got another tshirt, started watching The Cure that sucked because there was no way The Cure could follow up Muse. It was like Chad said, "You'd think after having done this for thirty years they'd be a little better at it." The lead singer of The Cure wore so much black eye makeup he looked dead. We were unimpressed. It wasn't that they were horrible, it was just, they were so tame after a preformance like Muse. Tom tried to get the mood up, because everyone was just standing there nodding their heads to the solemn beats, by running through the crowd screaming, "YEAH THE CURE! THE CURE YEAH! THE CURE ROCKS! YEEEAH! GO THE CURE! YEEAAH!" and managed to get a few people cheering but it died down quickly. We left before they were done.

That's basically it.
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